Server SDK For Windows

UCS(UNIONCOMMUNITY Server) SDK provides the interface (Application Programming Interface, API) required in the development of fingerprint recognition server application programs. It can be used with UCBioBSP SDK for fingerprint registration and authentication.
UCS SDK defines the server application program interface that can work with network-type terminal products from UNIONCOMMUNITY. It is therefore applicable in various programs such as access control, time &attendance, meal management, and student records management to stabilize the program development.

Development Model

Centralized Management Type

As a method that connects the terminal to UCS SDK, all terminals can be managedcentrally. This type of connection is very useful in configuring a network using public networks.If public networks using the measured rate system (system that charges accordingto the duration of line usage) are used,the method that connects directly to theterminal without implementing SDK’s server function can be used.

Various APIs for terminal management

Various APIs are provided for user management, log management and access control management.

Various development modules and sample sources

UCS SDK provides COM-based modules and .NET class libraries to facilitate development with tools such as Visual Basic, Delphi and DotNET as well as C/C++.Sample sources required in SDK use are also provided.

Various authentication methods

Authentication methods using fingerprint, password or card and various combinationsof the above methods are provided for user identification


Modules provided by UCS SDK were compiled at VC++ 6.0, and
programming using this SDK can be done using most of 32bit compilers such as Visual C++.

OS Windows 98/ME or 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Window
CPU 7Intel Pentium 133Mhz or higher
Memory 16M or higher
USB Port USB 1.1
Device AC6000, AC1000, V3000, V4000