SDK for USB Device Driver

UCBioBSP SDK is a high-level SDK created to develop applications using UNIONCOMMUNITY’s fingerprint recognition devices and it supports SPI for BioAPI v2.0 proposed by the BioAPI Consortium. Also, it is a Software Development Kit that additionally provides extended API similar in form as API used in BioAPI.

Because UCBioBSP SDK provides all APIs related to fingerprint authentication and GUI (Graphical User Interface) for registration and authentication, developers can easily add fingerprint recognition functions to their products in development.Since APIs for the smart card are provided, writing and reading data from the smart card can be easily accomplished.

BioAPI v2.0 compatibility

Supports the international standard API BioAPI v2.0 (ISO/IEC 19784-1:2005) forbio authentication

Various programming languages

Provides modules that can be used in various languages such as C, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi and etc. & also providing samples

Easy to use GUI

Customization for each user by GUI optimized to fingerprint and skin type UI

Multi fingerprint

Management of 10 fingerprints per each user as integrated data

Powerful encryption

Data security using international standard encryption algorithm AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)

Self-protection function

Prevents modification and forgery of the module

Smart card

Provides the function of reading and writing from the smart card (Mifare, ISO14443-A)

Development Model



Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista,

All other Windows OS that support USB

CPU Intel Pentium 133Mhz or higher
Memory 16M or higher
USB Port USB 1.1
  • UNIONCOMMUNTIY’s USB fingerprint recognition device for fingerprint acquisition
  • UCBioBSP SDK currently supports all fingerprint recognition devices for PC peripherals manufac-tured by UNIONCOMMUNITY. SDK will be provided for devices to be released in the future so that support is possible without modifying developed sources
  • Since UCBioBSP SDK does not include device drivers, a driver for each device must be separately installed