UNIS 4.0

Access Control S/W Main Features

UNIS is an integrated management software for
access control, time and attendance, and meal
management with powerful control functionality.

It is suited for any type of business from small-scale to
large-scale. As UNIS supports an IP-based network,
it provides effective management functions.

Powerful performance

Superior fingerprint algorithm is applied to UNIS for high performance

Integrated management

A large number of terminals can be managed simultaneously in one server

Convenient uses

Interworking ERP and groupware system

Provides easy and convenient functions; Real time monitoring, Site monitoring, Time zones, Anti-pass back, Automatic email system alarms

Smartphone apps supported

Users can access to the software from anywhere through mobile application, i-UNIS.

Access Control S/W Main Functions

Log Management

Provides access history in particular time, Modified history and event history on the terminal


Displays real-time location icon and terminal error icon.
Provides individual pop-up alert per error

Terminal Management

Manages terminal registration, administrator designation and terminal configuration.

Remote terminal/entrant control

User Management

Manages employees and visitors separately.

A setting function that assigns the user and admin based on their authority level

Time & Attendance S/W Main Functions

Aggregated Time & Attendance Data

Provides aggregated periodic work data and weekly or monthly report

Work Type Setting

Designs work rotation by days or periods
Registers various types of work

Irregular Work Setting

Manage extra work hours and individually designated days