Web UNIS is a web-based integrated access control management software which provides easy accessibility.

It provides convenience to users by allowing them to access the program with mobile devices. Installation of extra software is not required. Unlimited admin access is also provided.

Supporting a Mobile Version

Users can access a management program with their mobile devices including smartphones or tabs without space and time constraints. Remote access from anywhere with mobile devices!

Unlimited Admin Access

A number of administrator who can access is not restricted with Web UNIS

No Need for client program

Users can access through website without installation of extra software.

Supporting 5 web browser

Web UNIS can be accessed through main web browsers; Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

S/W Main Functions


Saves the most frequently visited menu in one page

Customizable Menu Composition

User can selectively compose menus

Program Authority Policy

A setting function that assigns the user and admin. Different levels of program accessibility

e-Mail Sending Function

A periodic event report including TNA, meal and access history

T&A/Meal Setting Wizard

An automatic setting for the administrator

Detailed Modification Record

Modification history of each category

Menu Tap

Maximum of 11 taps for storage of history records